What is My Love of Mornings, and who’s behind it?

My name is Thomas and I’m from Denmark where I also currently live.
I’ve been into language learning for nearing ten years now! I’ve found that I get most out of studying early in the morning, and this blog is mostly about that. I’m looking forward to connecting with other language enthusiasts as well as people who might want to pick up another language, but don’t know how! Read more about why I learn languages.

My mother tongue is Danish, and I speak English and French too. I’m studying Arabic these days and can’t wait to get further into Algerian Arabic, German and Spanish!

I’m a trained architect, but for the time being, I work as a cabinet maker. (Do you know someone somewhere who’s looking to hire an architect? ;))

Another passion that I have is art and drawing. I’ve made a blog called One Drawing Daily, where I (no longer) post one drawing each day. In connection to that, have a look at my pet-portrait site too 🙂


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