Overview of articles sorted by category

Here you can find a list of all of the articles that I’ve published on this site, organized by category. Some categories overlap slightly, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, keep searching.

Language learning methodology

5 reading strategies in language learning
Attack from multiple fronts to learn languages
How I practice languages while helping refugees
Revelation vs discovery in language learning
What is language learning immersion, and why can’t I make it work?


10 reasons why most people fail learning a language
9 ways to stay motivated in learning a foreign language

Language-specific articles


How to learn Arabic in 1001 days

Resources, books, apps and websites


Great (and easy) books to read in translation
Book review of “Polyglot: How I learn languages” by Kató Lomb
Review of “How to learn any language” by Barry Farber
Book review ”Success with Languages” by Stella Hurd
LingQ – A review of a tool for reading in foreign languages (or read the French version)


My review of “Codename: Butterfly” Young adult novel by Palestinian author Ahlam Bsharat in Arabic and English


The Ultimate List of Arabic Resources
Juha the giant – A translation from Arabic
Assimil Arabic with ease review
Deciphering handwritten Arabic

Algerian Arabic, Derdja

Learning Algerian Arabic through songs
An Algerian song, Cheb Mami – Ana Oualach
Nedjma, A literary classic by Kateb Yacine to be translated to Algerian Arabic
Algerian Arabic dialogues from 1847 part 1
Algerian Arabic dialogues from 1847 part 2


Juha the giant – A translation from Arabic
“Hvem er hun” – A Danish dialogue with audio and translation
First five Danish mini stories with audio

About language learning in general

Should children of immigrants be taught their mother language in school?

About the author and this site

Introduction to “My Love of Mornings”
Why I learn languages
Upcoming projects: Spanish, German and Algerian Arabic
Sønderjysk: The Danish dialect that got away
My journey in Arabic – Guest post at LATG.org